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Empowering Healthcare Providers

We’re committed to empower the healthcare providers by delivering AI-enabled personalized healthcare and precision medicine solutions.

cariva building block

Building Blocks

Customizable Modular Building Block Solutions in the health tech domain provide a quick, flexible, and adaptable approach for your health app & software development.

cariva data network

Data Network

A data network solutions to connect with multiple sources in healthcare with different devices and partners, including hospitals, labs, pharmacies, IoT, medical hardware and wearable devices.

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A cancer risk genetic testing using the Next-Generation sequencing technology, covering the risk of 12 major cancers across 50 genes. Enabling the early surveillance and detection of cancer for you and your family.

Preceptor AI

A technology that helps medical professionals diagnose and recommend treatments more accurately, comprehensively, and quickly. Preceptor AI is trained on medical guidelines from both Thailand and abroad, which allows it to fully leverage the potential of medical professionals who use Preceptor AI.

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